Asikaa has been a content creator for over 5 years. She grew up playing a number of different games from Diablo to Golden Eye. She has an extremely cute dog named Kiya and who she enjoys exploring nature with.



Gobrinz is a content creator and designer from Alberta, Canada. Over the last decade, he has created a myriad of variety content including hosting and producing a gaming news show. He now streams his journeys on Twitch and YouTube.



MDee14 is a variety streamer from Toronto, Canada and has been streaming since 2015. If you ever visit his stream, you’ll see he has a positive and supportive community that has raised over $10,000 for charities.

Mitchell Claxton

Mitchell is an EDM DJ/Producer born and raised in Calgary. He has released music since 2009 and played at some of the world's biggest festivals, including EDC. He started to diversify his content beyond music on Youtube and Twitch in 2020.

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Nagata Lock II

Nagata Lock II is a community builder, tournament organizer, fighting game shoutcaster, and pretty damn good player. Currently, he focuses his energy into the continuous growth of the Dragon Ball FighterZ scene as well as podcast style content creation.



Ty has worked in radio for over 6 years entertaining people on-air. Since then, he's been making content and creating engaging ways for his audience to get involved. He loves playing Battle Royale and FPS games while connecting with people and sharing stories.


General Manager

Justin Simpao

Justin oversees the day-to-day operations of Discover including creator relations, sales and sponsorships, and more!